About Tedom

25 Years Experience in the CHP Market

All the sectors of TEDOM share a common philosophy - effective and environmentally-friendly utilization of energy fuel resources. First and foremost, Tedom fulfills this philosophy by manufacturing equipment for combined heat and power production and operating technologies for utilization of renewable energy sources. In these fields Tedom ranks amongst the leading manufacturers, operators, and exporters. With our philosophy, we strive to excel in all sectors of our business. Therefore, Tedom's focus on alternative fuels even in the field of transport technology.

Tedom subjects all production processes to strict scrutiny. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System was implemented in the company in 2001. Since 2004, our production is certified even under ISO 14001 Environmental Preservation Standards. The Tedom Micro and Cento lines are UL 2200 certified, satisfying certification requirements for U.S. markets.

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